Friends tell friends how to prevent cervical cancer.  Learn how at

Tamika Felder and Christine Baze are both cervical cancer survivors. Their lives changed course - drastically - at the young ages of 25 and 31. Both women were diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer, and both immediately underwent a radical hysterectomy followed by radiation and chemotherapy.

After living through the toughest experience of their lives, both Tamika and Christine did something amazing - they drew on the strength it took to beat cancer to start Tamika and Friends, Inc. and The Yellow Umbrella, two unique non-profits that help educate women about HPV and the prevention of cervical cancer.

Now these women have combined the powerful forces of their organizations to build Say Something, a program with the goal of reaching even more women - in more places - with the message that HPV causes cervical cancer. And with the right education and proper screening, this cancer will be eliminated.

You can be a Part of SAY SOMETHING!

Now it's time for you to SAY SOMETHING! Cervical cancer truly is preventable. But we need your help in spreading the word. By ordering a Say Something Tool Kit, you can learn more about HPV and cervical cancer, and then share what you've learned with groups of women in your world. Being a part of SAY SOMETHING will mean that you are part of the elimination of cervical cancer.